Sunday, 18 June 2017

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Design Vs Engineering 

It's has been more than 12 years and now when we solve everyday problems  then I realized  the difference  between  design  and engineering.  I completed my electric engineering  in 2003 and finished my Product  Design in 2008.  Now I can clearly compare both the sides of this coin when life is in full swing.

Engineering  made me learn how to copy things and close the chapters where as design made me learn how to innovate things and systems to open  new chapters.

Engineering  was like a vertical  stick where we had to go in vertical  direction whereas design is like a tree which pushes you on top,  bottom and in multi dimensions.

Engineering  we used to do formalities  to finish up our assignments  where as design made us fall in love with products,  graphics and ideas.

Engineering used to be taught like spoon feeding  and design was like taking the challenge where professors  used to leave us in a high density thought galaxy and we had to manufacture  our own spoon and Cerelac.

‌Engineering  made us learn to score marks else you will fail,  though the real learning  happened or not does not matter,  people will see your marks and will evaluate  based on your mark sheet whereas in Design no one is interested  to see our marks and Grades.  They look your ideas and it's potential.

‌In engineering  professors  used to lead our life whereas in design we used to lead our life,  thoughts and ideas... and that was the real time challenge.

‌In engineering professors  used to prove the derivations and we used to sit on the benches but in design  we used to stand opposite side of the benches to prove our ideas,  processes and derivations and professors used to sit on benches.

‌In engineering life was 10.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M then go back to home,  but in design  life used to start after 5.00 P.M. And stretch your self to capture the world from wide angel lenses, there is no limit.

‌In engineering we only had to learn about our subject but in design we had to go beyond  the subject and get new experiences which is not your subject at all but you have to know about  that.

‌In engineering  we had never touched the giant  dinosaur problems and not able to have that  daring but in design we were pushed to touch the snakes and we actually experienced  them in our hands.

‌ Engineering used to tell me..... you may get good opportunities based on your marks and degree but design told me you will never  get job and projects based on your marks.... And it accelerated my thinking and exploded my energy to create  opportunities not only  for me but also for people  around me.

‌ Being an engineer  I was searching job for me but being a designer I could  get confidence how I can create work to sustain.

‌In engineering there was one answer  of a problem but in design there were 100 answers of a problem.

‌My intention  is not to de motivate engineers but it is my experience with both the disciplines.


‌ Kapil