Sunday, 21 April 2013

Simple Recycle product Design : 

Hi every body !! Ecowings team has explored couple of simple concepts inspired from daily life style and everyday needs, can be very useful things and create long term benefits for individuals.  In the fast pace of our life things have become so complex and we generally do not have time to go for buying things for our home. Last week ecowings design team has crafted a very simple concept which is as useful as simple to organize our daily life style. Yes!! A simple corner which can fit anywhere in your small home to organize all your daily stuff.

Here are the simple steps, hope you all will enjoy to see and can build at your home easily through these guidelines.

What you need : 

1. A simple sharp knife
2. Measuring tape
3. Pen 
4. Scale 
5. Waste Corrugated Board (you can have it from any junk shop in cheaper price) 

Step 1. Firstly cut the corrugated board as per the design and your requirements as how many shelves you want to incorporate in this product. You need to use the half of the box and half of the box wall will be used for the shelves.

Step 2. Cut all the shelves in 90 degree angle with full precision and put them together

Step 3.  Now cut few strips of corrugated material and join them together to make the shelves support as shown below in the picture.


Step 4. Assembling all the shelves step by step through proper measurement and stack them through support.

Step 5. Glue all the shelves to make them sturdy so that it can hold as much as weight and will get strength to hold all your necessary things.

The final product looks purely natural and enhance the beauty of your room. A simple and creative method to organize all your necessary things like clothes, Newspapers, Sun glass, Books etc. 

Benefits : 
1. This simple innovation can save your money and solve your problems to organize you daily things and stuff.
2. Easy to make as it does not need any crafting skills, and you would need only simple tools which defiantly will be available at your home.
3. Crafting this simple product you will contribute to save our environment and feel proud to be the part of this global environmental mission.

Hope you all will have enjoyed the tutorial and inspire your hands to build it through these simple steps.

Good Luck :) Go Green and protect our nature, wood through simple ideas.


ecowings design team

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hi Every one
It is just the beginning of ecofunck !!