Sunday, 5 July 2015

Upcycle edge and its various dimensions : 

Over the period, apart from the Upcycling and eco awareness among the mass, we have realized several deeper experiences with the rural and economically weaker section people. We want to bring transformation through service and humanity. We believe, nature needs our help as well as there are many needy craftsmen who have strong skills and crafting abilities creating greater value for the people around us. Ecowings is passionate to give them a wider platform through its global network.
Implementing simple concepts and ideas are making really big differences not only to save our environment but also creating greater livelihood for needy people. Upcycling is such a unique process which involves lot of creativity and crafting skills. We always try to blend technology, Usability, Aesthetics and functional design with creativity to come up new sustainable innovations.

Upcycling in Indian Scenario : 

In India the concept of Up-cycling is still far behind, it has greater level of potential to tap the market and can open new product design interventions. As per our point of view so far Upcycling is more like a craft skills and needs to be understood with different perspectives. When the "Design" term is involved in up-cycling then we are talking something serious and it has deeper significance to meet the user needs and current fashions. In India there are few brands who are offering Upcycled Products but the current product range is having more craft and individual hobby fragrances. So far many initiatives were taken but only few Upcycled brands could sustain because of lack of branding and lack of understanding, lesser involvement in design and styling.

At Ecowings every day goes for new discoveries and searching for new materials, concepts, ideas mock ups etc. We try to stretch ourselves from our shelves and get the real experiences for the innovative outcomes.

Upcycling Opportunities :

1. Increasing number of mobile devices and their consumption creating question mark for the future and causing pollution across the mass. This is is the area where several potential opportunities can be identified to come up new life style products.

2. Huge amount of Electrical industrial waste is coming out. We need to open ourselves and look at the potential opportunities.

3. Upcycling for the Wild Life Protection : How upcycling could be a powerful tool to save wild life. It can accelerate the young creative potential and connect them to nature and its significance.





The list goes on !!


Have a rocking time.

Kapil Sharma

green impact through innovation
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