Saturday, 20 June 2015

Lenses from Holland at Ecowings India !

We all had a great time with four Dutch young enthusiastic people from Holland during their India Trip. Specially Joost and Bernhard who were together with me for four days while preparing short film for Ecowings and discussed several things about life, education, culture, sustainability, communication and many more subjects. It was a wonderful experience while working on the Ecowings short film in Indore in which many complexities and talents were involved together. I wish each and every single day should be this much productive with full acceleration and ideas. If we walk on the path with clear directions then it becomes much more easier to reach and journey becomes more faster as you imagine.

It was an honor for us as this time Holland's Prime Minister Mr. Mark Rutte recently visited India to meet our Honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendar Modi to build positive and mutual grounds for both the countries. I must share the statement given by Netherland's PM Mark Rutte - "At this moment, we have 180-200 Dutch companies operating in India and over 60 branches of Indian companies in the Netherlands," No doubt, It is his great step is to create a bridge for future developments and growth which may bring prosperity and open new opportunities for both the countries. Keeping the same mindset and vision we are continuously putting our efforts through our mutual collaborations as we already have established with Angela Rooijmans in Holland and intend to broaden our horizons to spread our sustainable ideas and innovations for the benefits of environment and green future.

We have several resources available and we just need to combined them together with greater level of clarity and creativity with further national and international collaborations to open new channels. Right from the childhood, Indians are taught as they have to compete within the community in which they restrict themselves, but from my point of view we should connect ourselves with this planet and seek out greater opportunities to work together where cross culture activities and positive actions can be involved to achieve the set targets, higher purpose and goals which will not only enrich our skills and individual weaker section people but also for strengthen our nation as well. Through this way we could be more responsible for what we are doing here and can create wider platforms for the skilled people.

While interacting with Bernahard V and Joost D many discussion happened and I realized the gaps in our education system needs to be filled with innovative approaches. We wish if we could create a platform in future for Eco Conscious Education.

My sincere Thanks to Angela Rooijmans and the entire team from Holland.


Kapil Sharma
Principal Designer | Founder
Ecowings India